March, 2011

Mar 11

PlayBook, here we come!

Rebooted DumbHack last night. Crafting it for the RIM/BlackBerry PlayBook because you get a free one if you submit the app before March 31st. Single room minesweeper clone. Get from the entrance to the exit, here avoid the monsters. High score is how deep in the dungeon you can get (how many successive board you can clear). Every level an additional monster is added to the board.

I plan to expand it from there: adding point scoring mechanism based on tiles cleared, which will encourage the user to “push their luck” and clear more of the board (at the risk of revealing a monster); health points so that you can encounter monsters and not die instantly (also encouraging exploration to find more health); points/coins earned by finding treasures (again, enticing user to completely clear each board).

Also, once I complete the PlayBook version and it’s accepted, I’ll post a version to this site and move it to the iPad using the latest AIR (which appears to have pretty decent performance!).